22 February, 2009

getting buffer everyday

i have decided to start working out and getting in shape. i do nothing all day. but sit around. and since i stay at james house more often than not and he has a gym in the complex i have taken it upon myself to get myself into some sort of a shape. i havent been in a gym to work out since high school physical education class when it was a requirement for the students to take an interest in buffness. i have no interest in buff dudes. or buff chicks. maybe i wont be going to the gym anymore. im going to sit here on the couch under the influence of a certain drug known as pot and wait for james to come down the stairs so we can go to titos tacos. TITOS TACOS IS AWESOME. but if have you ever tried the enchiladas at titos. they are not very tasty but i have become smitten with them and cannot refuse it. i simply will not. maybe it is the drug that makes me hungry like them. or maybe i just like the abuse. but i am getting an enchilada today. and it will be delicious. it is james birthday today. wish him happy birthday.

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