24 October, 2008

a booze free weekend. oh boy.

just cruising thru the oldies i had lying around in the virtual world of photobucket. cause my scanner is poop right now and scans all fuzzy and dumb. but i found this gem here. fitting for these times i suppose. but i drew this as an idontneednostinkingmoney drawering when i wasnt working. mo money mo problems. i need to get me some mo money then.
ps working is dumb too.


06 October, 2008

out of this world


starting to scan in the newerish stuff. partying will cause a slight road block. as will work. eventually new stuff. new stuff eventually. but til then, heres nine pairs of boobs. all for you.

02 October, 2008

scanning in progress

updating my life. since i have gotten a new computer charger. and gotten my stuff. and have a place to stay. but first i am scanning the polaroids from the bike trip. and then i have 3 or 4 sketch books from the same amount of months to be scanned. also. lousy american. i puked last night.