30 May, 2008

you know what would be fucking sweet?

it would be fucking sweet if some famous person, i dont care who even though i think mathew perry could do it, were to use their star power for good and use it to take down bono. that sun glass wearing, talk to muching, trying to make a difference dillweed. u2 sucks. always has. always will. won't someone please blow his head off with x ray vision. i wish christopher reeves were still alive cause i think i could get him to fly around and find bono and blow his head up with some x ray vison. oh, if only super powers were real.


25 May, 2008

i did it. i killed your cat.

i wouldn't even worry about the cat dude. they get nine lives. and i think this one only makes it seven. maybe eight. or nine...maybe your beloved whiskers isn't coming back. sorry dude. i think it is dead.

14 May, 2008

i've been feeling a little suicidal lately

i mean, all i wanted was a pepsi. just one pepsi. and she wouldnt give it to me.

so i went ahead and drew three. but only this ones for you. like a budweiser. a non alcoholic budweiser. enjoy.

11 May, 2008

does any one care


i had been away from a scanner when i drew up this drawering and got my ticket, so i'll back date it, but...i got a fucking 138 dollar parking ticket a few weeks ago, back when i was in phoenix, on a car that i haven't driven in over a year and a half. cost as much as my flight to vancouver..fucking phx parking cops in their three wheels chariots of shit. go die...

09 May, 2008

if this is the way it has to be. so be it.

i wanna to be a lumber jack one day...it probably wont happen until i can officially grow me some amazing facial hair...and all the lumberjacks at the lumberjack office will laugh at me because of my lack of manly facial hair...and they'll send me away until i grow a mans beard...or at the very least a mans mustache...i might have to pull a hulk hogan and dye my facial hair all sweet and manly...i bet worms will be crawling through my body eating at my inarrds before i can grow a proper mustache...bummer

01 May, 2008

welcome to may. welcome to nowhere

its where we're all heading...and i'll be there waiting...for you...naked...thigh deep in tofu...