24 January, 2010

shit week

rain and riding in said rain and a never ended sickness and robitussin and alcohol consumption and.. well thats about all that has happened this week...and drew i guess. at work on boring friday or as i just now dubbed no boss for me today day...i might have a new career soon in the hallmark card industry... thanks to pee wee herman inspired art...au revoir!

18 January, 2010

bongo butt

most things are packed up in my room and my scanner has mostly crapped out at this point... and since i have nothing going for me and nothing new is happening in my life.. these are some tattoo ideas... most are other peoples handy work. ..the dino is mine though.

06 January, 2010

i guess

art display on next thursday. at the downtown independent. for art walk. hopefully ill have something. anything. for the show. did i tell you my roommate died. and i am going to move into his room. oh boy.