23 December, 2009

hum bug

no new nothing for a bit. im away from a scanner. and im no good with photos. so heres something old. as most things are. cause i cant draw the future. well . the real future anyway...

03 December, 2009

new post!! say what!!

not too exciting really. just needed to happen. clam chowder in the microwave. shellac on the speakers. things are going alright. took a while. but they're all right.

27 November, 2009

leftovers. new leftovers.

we were at the scotland yard a while back. its a bar in ugh, the valley, and saw a girl. i mean lady. whose butt was way up on her shoulders. the other day it popped into my head. so i drew her. she looked darn close to this.

and the other one is obviously sex. probably.

have a good day. lame-o's...

25 November, 2009

turkey turkey day

i really do enjoy beef jerky. almost as much as i like string cheese. and thats alot. so heres some drawerings for you to. feast. your eyes on. did you get it. feast. get it.

20 November, 2009

draw day at work day.

i like this one kind of.

and this one is old. but i just found it. cause i lost it. on my desk.

19 November, 2009

inspired. if only for a minute.

went to the moca today. saw some cool things. saw some dumb things... some of the things looked like the emperors new clothes. and i just couldnt see what the fuck the fuss was about. theres some junk in some museums. but there was some amazing stuff too. mostly by dead people. some were alive still too. i dont know how. they must be close to four hundred. heres some stuff i could finally scan cause my scanner decided to cooperate today. yippie.

13 November, 2009

what did you do tonight?

oh you know...just sat in my room getting drunk and high while watching point break giving myself another tattoo. i must have the proudest parents ever. hi mom. dad...

11 November, 2009

02 November, 2009

dying. part sixteen. slow at work

bored. all day. so boring. this is what i do at work.

26 October, 2009

nothing new really...

finished up another sketch book...still too lazy to color them in cause im lazy... this is what was in there... funny how theres two cup / coffee mug drawerings on the inter web right now... shitty minds i suppose...

22 October, 2009

hazy days...

been pretty unconstructive lately... i also came into about an ounce of weed lately also.. i dont know if they have anything in common or not. but if they do. then i know who and what to blame.. and blame them i will.. remember that time when bobby hill from king of the hill started smoking cigarettes.. and he got busted.. and to punish him they made him smoke a whole carton. remember that. and he got all sick and was like... ahh.. ahh my stomach.. ahh i feel so sick.. ahh... ahh ... and so on... well thats what im gonna do. force myself to smoke so much i get sick.. and sick of it... but ill probably just fall asleep before that happens. cause i gotta wake up in the morning. and go to work...ahh work.. ahh.................

15 October, 2009

im going toFUCkyo ass...

that shirt was all the rage when i was there... i saw two people wearing it... for several days... go to tokyo. its way better... and its really dark there too. all the time...as the photos prove...

14 October, 2009

old. way too old.

and i turn much too old for my liking today. tokyo pictures soon maybe.

06 October, 2009

fun fun 101

heeyyyy you guuuyyss....sorry bout that.. well the la artwalk is this week..thats thursday... and i got some stuff up on the wall of the landing party gallery... 749 broadway... so come if you read this thing..i think theres free beer and sangria.. and food.. if you dont come ill jump off a bridge.. or drink an extra beer in honor of my non showing up homies. ya heard... boooring.

30 September, 2009

back. in blue... black. whatever. dont matter.

back from tokyo. everyone should probably go at least twice.. heres some new drawings from there and the plane. oh boy. life back in la. so excited. can you read the smile on my face. no. thats cause its not there. im too high to do much right now. even to go to the store for some beer and vodka...give me five minutes....

11 September, 2009

herro goodbye.

off to tokyo for eleven days...see you in eleven days.

10 September, 2009

sfts...oh fuck yeah...

come down to art walk on tomorrow night..thats thursday for all you lazy people... and come fiesta and look at art at the downtown independent... 251 s. main street...ROBOsoup is in effect... and i have art in the building. on the walls...so come. and get as drunk as we can.. see you there bye...

08 September, 2009

on the bus...

this is what i saw when i a heard the replacements song come on the ipod... ole!


sf was good. thank god you werent there...

01 September, 2009

working vs. killing myself... hmmm

i'm more up for one than the other at this point...i think i can make it to tokyo before making any further decisions... i made some shirts. then gave them away. now i could now care less about making more of them even though i have a stock pile of shirts stock piling up... alright. time to go consume. anything. i can.. i'll post more stuff soon enough. when i feel it is good enough or dont care anymore about the quality... okay dokie bye

25 August, 2009

shirt reynolds!! and other things.

putting elmo to use. i'll hand make one for you till i get a hold of a screenprint screen. and screen some.. new bmx graphics also.. just in. brand new from target. blacken LA... and my first sony. electronic sketch pad drawing too... not a bad last few days.. except when it was wasnt awesome.. then it wasnt.

24 August, 2009

uhhhh huuuh!!!(say it with attitude...)

art show was good. i bought a elmo projector thing. like from high school times. i bought two new drawing book / pad things too. and easy mac. heres a flip book of a boner. shot amaz..retardedly. at work. by yours truly. enjoy!

16 August, 2009

open bar dude!!

ya gimme six schlitz'...we dont have schlitz... fuck it. whatevers free.. well whatever the supertrooper line is. its good. and true. !! free jd and coke tonight...and free is for me. this is the address to the art thing on saturday..the twenty two of august... six to ten. 125 paseo de la plaza. los angeles. of course. free fat tire. and i hate fat tire..until its free. then i looove fat tire. even though i hate it...i put my hate on hold for a minute..this is another new drawing ill probably put on the wall cause i got nothing else. well..maybe not.. its not very good...way to sell it kalen. way to go...

12 August, 2009

who. cares..?

art show in a little over a week. on the 22... its downtown at some mexican place... free fat tire beer.. i'm going probably so you should probably maybe come too.. these are most recent and they probably too will make it to the show.. dammit... well now you dont have to come. youve already seen all the good stuff... eff that..