28 April, 2008

attempted unicorn?

do you think you could still get into heaven if you try to attempt unicorn? is there a heaven? lets ask the panda.
no wait. hes dead.

23 April, 2008

drawed on

the dude who drew this is named patrick jilbert...and it originally came from a skate deck from an art show...and when i saw the photo of said skateboard i said oh. that skateboard is rectangular in shape. much like my chest. i shall have some one who has never given a tattoo to give me a tattoo i thought to myself...(crappy line quality was a must)...steven would you like to draw on my body i ask. steven: sure kalen. i would gladly draw on your body...i replied with sweet...silently i must have said uh oh. but uh oh did not over power sweet in the end because now i have a tattoo of a skull. with wings. and snake legs. on my body..these are tophers photos...from pretty pictures. he shot this with a fancy camera. it doesn't show

check it...

21 April, 2008

chug! freshman chug!


wow. one beer three panels...hot damn

17 April, 2008

the beatles were a bunch of fuckin liars...parts 1,2,3,4,5,6,and 7

its too bad i hate working and will never own these things...other than the stereo...and the incredible hulk gloves. they rule.

im not...but you might be

looking at this drawing reminds me of that justin timberlake song, cry me a river. you know the one with that britney spears knock off. i like knock offs. i wanna hang out with britney spears. she has a ll the good drugs im sure of it. we could go in the hot tub. and i would throw compliments her way and she would blush and be like oh kalen, heres some drugs. and id be all like. oh sweet. thanks britney. i cant believe people think you're nuts. i mean, here we are sitting in a hot tub. doing drugs. and i just met you. you're not crazy. you're awesome. high five!

15 April, 2008

a little sumpin sumpin


growing up i used to only drink strawberry shakes....but now that i am all growed up, i prefer chocolate ones. so i drew you a chocolate one.

13 April, 2008

mama says they was magic shoes...


they could take me anywhere.

11 April, 2008

i apologize


i was starving and couldn't wait any longer

07 April, 2008

its true

they dont...i know this because i have a zombie...and i dont call him anything...
i also dont back the pages when i scan things...its like a special birthday party...where you like, get like, two gifts instead of one gift...hooray! like, you rule.

05 April, 2008

a quarter past the new year


i drew this because i bought three new sketch books from the lovely lovely wal mart...i should have bought me some new crayons while i was there...