23 April, 2008

drawed on

the dude who drew this is named patrick jilbert...and it originally came from a skate deck from an art show...and when i saw the photo of said skateboard i said oh. that skateboard is rectangular in shape. much like my chest. i shall have some one who has never given a tattoo to give me a tattoo i thought to myself...(crappy line quality was a must)...steven would you like to draw on my body i ask. steven: sure kalen. i would gladly draw on your body...i replied with sweet...silently i must have said uh oh. but uh oh did not over power sweet in the end because now i have a tattoo of a skull. with wings. and snake legs. on my body..these are tophers photos...from pretty pictures. he shot this with a fancy camera. it doesn't show

check it...

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