30 March, 2009


i wish more people were into shitty tattoos. cause thats what this next week is going to be full of. i hope. and hand made some business cards by hand today. and the scooter key has a gone missing. weed arrested sleep. its a plan...later shit face. you're alright. im sorry.

27 March, 2009

over it. again.

you can uncross those fingers now. aint nothing you can do about it.

20 March, 2009

i forgot what i was going to say.

i guess these will be easter elephants in honor of the easter bunny. that means its cadbury creme egg season. eating just one of those eggs a year is enough....but three would be plenty. and four is pushing it...ill settle for two. thats it. two a year.

14 March, 2009

a whiskey and nacho night.

i have recently discovered a taco bell right up the street from my place. and it happens to stay open until two am. which is awesome. for now. 99 cent seven layer nachos. cant go wrong. the o button on my computer is going. it doesnt work too well anymore. but i woke up and this painting was hanging out on my desk. and so was an empty nacho tray. i remember eating the nachos more than doing the painting. and the nachos were way better than this painting looks. so im sorry i couldnt have nachos to give you. to make up for this here lousy bearded guy in shock. thats how i do shocked. bad.

13 March, 2009

oh boy

even with fuzzy point and shoot happening. my crummy lil point and shoot is still my main arty taker maker show-er thing. until i fix my scanner. or turn it on to see if it still works. it might. it might not. maybe i should turn it on. if the next few posts are blurry...means either my scanner crapped the bed. or i didnt make anything new for a while. and am using old junk. it happens.

why would something so pretty want to love someone so ugly

i mean. he's bald. bald. you know gross being bald is. gross. oh man. i dont ever want to go bald. i couldnt imagine. all the stares people that people stare at you with. whispering things about you behind your back about not having any hair on your head . oh no. look at the bald guy. ha ha. that guy has no hair. yea. being bald would probably rank up there to being worst nightmare come true. ever. that and being killed by sharks.

10 March, 2009

ive seen paris in the winter and you are still the prettiest thing that i have ever seen.

i wish i knew how to paint. it would make painting so much easier. imagine. being able to paint things you wanted to paint. and having it turn out just like the thing you were trying to paint. that would be awesome. that would mean you are good at something. one day. one day.

08 March, 2009

anyone need a friend. im pretty quiet. and can fit in most spaces. plus i will sell me for real cheap.

no? alright...well then maybe ill just make a house in the woods. and befriend some bears for the next several years and then get mauled to death by the very same bears that i had befriended for the last several years. i love the wilderness. or maybe i will move into my own room in a house near downtown la and start painting. things. i guess i will choose the latter. because thats what has happened. hooray. i love you.

06 March, 2009

this one kind of speaks for its self. itself. yeah.


i once lived in a house containing for parrots. FOUR fucking PARROTS. man. you cannot believe how incredibly shitty it was. waking up to four little fuckers screaming their heads off. even wearing headphones and having multiple walls between us couldnt stop the wrath of a parrots voice. then you have to go outside. and deal with more birds. they want your food. they try to crap on you. its awful. just awful. what cities should do is pay bums. by the pound. to kill birds and get paid for it. have you ever been to san francisco. well they have an excess of birds. surely a couple of bums with bb guns going around killing pigeons wont hurt anything or anyone. and they will have a job. and food. if they really feel hungry that day. its a win win for everyone. lunchers can eat in peace. the noise level will drop. and pooped on windshields will have a new outlook on their life as a windshield.

03 March, 2009

the good old days...last year sometime


sometime during the month may of last year i found myself an active member of an arizona death metal band. and we were quite possibly one the best death metal bands around. it included steve and topher and me. we all screamed. and i played guitar. and chris played electronic 'wave in the air' drum sticks. and in fact it was not so widely known that we were the best death metal band to ever form during the month of may. in arizona. of all time. its not an easy thing to do but we did it. so what our career lasted for less than eight minutes. i know our presense was felt. and i know our neighbors heard it. and if they didnt. i at least know steves wife heard it. she was in the living room.