27 November, 2009

leftovers. new leftovers.

we were at the scotland yard a while back. its a bar in ugh, the valley, and saw a girl. i mean lady. whose butt was way up on her shoulders. the other day it popped into my head. so i drew her. she looked darn close to this.

and the other one is obviously sex. probably.

have a good day. lame-o's...

25 November, 2009

turkey turkey day

i really do enjoy beef jerky. almost as much as i like string cheese. and thats alot. so heres some drawerings for you to. feast. your eyes on. did you get it. feast. get it.

20 November, 2009

draw day at work day.

i like this one kind of.

and this one is old. but i just found it. cause i lost it. on my desk.

19 November, 2009

inspired. if only for a minute.

went to the moca today. saw some cool things. saw some dumb things... some of the things looked like the emperors new clothes. and i just couldnt see what the fuck the fuss was about. theres some junk in some museums. but there was some amazing stuff too. mostly by dead people. some were alive still too. i dont know how. they must be close to four hundred. heres some stuff i could finally scan cause my scanner decided to cooperate today. yippie.

13 November, 2009

what did you do tonight?

oh you know...just sat in my room getting drunk and high while watching point break giving myself another tattoo. i must have the proudest parents ever. hi mom. dad...

11 November, 2009

02 November, 2009

dying. part sixteen. slow at work

bored. all day. so boring. this is what i do at work.