25 August, 2009

shirt reynolds!! and other things.

putting elmo to use. i'll hand make one for you till i get a hold of a screenprint screen. and screen some.. new bmx graphics also.. just in. brand new from target. blacken LA... and my first sony. electronic sketch pad drawing too... not a bad last few days.. except when it was wasnt awesome.. then it wasnt.

24 August, 2009

uhhhh huuuh!!!(say it with attitude...)

art show was good. i bought a elmo projector thing. like from high school times. i bought two new drawing book / pad things too. and easy mac. heres a flip book of a boner. shot amaz..retardedly. at work. by yours truly. enjoy!

16 August, 2009

open bar dude!!

ya gimme six schlitz'...we dont have schlitz... fuck it. whatevers free.. well whatever the supertrooper line is. its good. and true. !! free jd and coke tonight...and free is for me. this is the address to the art thing on saturday..the twenty two of august... six to ten. 125 paseo de la plaza. los angeles. of course. free fat tire. and i hate fat tire..until its free. then i looove fat tire. even though i hate it...i put my hate on hold for a minute..this is another new drawing ill probably put on the wall cause i got nothing else. well..maybe not.. its not very good...way to sell it kalen. way to go...

12 August, 2009

who. cares..?

art show in a little over a week. on the 22... its downtown at some mexican place... free fat tire beer.. i'm going probably so you should probably maybe come too.. these are most recent and they probably too will make it to the show.. dammit... well now you dont have to come. youve already seen all the good stuff... eff that..

01 August, 2009

i went to phx...

you caught me...i lied...i hibernated for close to twelve hours last night... almost double what i got all week last week... bmx and beer time....cant wait. cause i aint...bye bye...