30 April, 2009

the way i think is not the way i feel. or whatever.

all i draw now is drawings at work. im too lazy to draw after wards. i tried the other day. it didnt work out so well. and im almost not being lazy towards sending out all the little bookies for all you people who dont even know i exist yet. and some who do. i guess. but yea. maybe those will get sent soon. maybe. first i have to figure out how to make hard boiled eggs. the first batch did not go so well. taco bell. here i come. i got nothing.

20 April, 2009

four twenty brooo.

i have a chain mail project in the works. just gotta get unlazy about it. but this is what the front page looks like. the next person will write the story for the drawing. and then they will draw their own drawing and send it off so someone else can write the story for the drawing and then draw their own drawing. the other is dedicated to bill s preston. esquire. and ted theodore logan. cause ima gonna watch it on a big screen tonight. holla.

19 April, 2009

hangover barf day. thumbs up!

im just gonna keep it mellow from here on out. just go through some life motions. my brain can take a break from everything. everything. plus its way too hot outside to go outside. at least where the sun is. which is almost every damn place you go. so inside it is. until its time to go to the bar. or long beach. or the bar. or the bar.

15 April, 2009

just tryin to keep my head up.

no pun intended. i promise. really. im not that clever.

12 April, 2009

i got robbed.

some little bastard took my gt mag off my bike. at four in the afternoon. while we were at the bar. but then i went riding again. and went to another bar. la...youre alright. even though you sun burnt my shoulders. i still like you.

11 April, 2009

you did it to yourself buddy. you did it to yourself.

now that i no longer got a finger i can no longer point fingers at anyone....i got bombed on sake bombs last night. and danced on a chair. and almost fell over. and i also burnt the inside of my head eating wasabi. i fucking love wasabi. and did i also tell you i bombed saki last night. and watched point break. three times. yea buddy...

08 April, 2009

back from the dead. and hoping to get back real soon.

i have to imagine this photo was taken towards the end of the night. but who knows. i went camping later that night with bed sheets on the hotels lawn. then it got too cold. and ran back to the room that we had paid for. and by we paid for i mean i bought around of beer before the wedding for the person who actually did pay for the room. this drawing was actually done the day i left for phoenix. i didnt try to hump nobody at the wedding but i could imagine this would have been the situation. good thing im over my wiener. im glad i laughed a lot this week. so thanks people who make me smile. im going to punch you all in the guts next time i see you.