30 June, 2009

23 June, 2009

dead before twenty twelve.

this quaint little book was made in an edition of six. using scotch tape and construction paper. and xerox paper. the originals were too precious to use in the making a book. thats why i said xerox paper. if you want one you can have one. i gave two away. so now theres four. thats good math. buy me a drink.

22 June, 2009

yup a roonie.

st st stooond... these ah newr... yea budddy

16 June, 2009

looosin things. my mind mainly.

same old drawing of the same old thing. i should get a life. or therapy sessions. bye.

03 June, 2009

last night is kicking me on the inside my face

alcohol inspired pen and crayon session. ruthie drew the top. vivian the next. me the nexts. i saw a dude get naked last night. he was wearing a dress before that though.

01 June, 2009

complain complain complain

as much as i complain to myself about bored i seem to have stuff happening all of a sudden. its giving me anxiety. cause i dont have a car. and get be two places at once. unless i cut one of my legs off and attach it to a robot with a camcorder i could send it to a party i wouldnt normally be able to make it to. i dont know why i would need to cut my leg off in order for this to work. but i would feel much better about it. like if i ever tried something and failed at least i could say hey i least i tried. and failed. so it would be be like. hey. i wanted to be in both places at once and enjoy the party. but i did my best. i sent my foot. i tried. i failed. but i tried too.