06 March, 2009

this one kind of speaks for its self. itself. yeah.


i once lived in a house containing for parrots. FOUR fucking PARROTS. man. you cannot believe how incredibly shitty it was. waking up to four little fuckers screaming their heads off. even wearing headphones and having multiple walls between us couldnt stop the wrath of a parrots voice. then you have to go outside. and deal with more birds. they want your food. they try to crap on you. its awful. just awful. what cities should do is pay bums. by the pound. to kill birds and get paid for it. have you ever been to san francisco. well they have an excess of birds. surely a couple of bums with bb guns going around killing pigeons wont hurt anything or anyone. and they will have a job. and food. if they really feel hungry that day. its a win win for everyone. lunchers can eat in peace. the noise level will drop. and pooped on windshields will have a new outlook on their life as a windshield.

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