12 July, 2009

it lives on and on. and on. and on....and on....and on.......and(deeeeennnnn)

have you ever been talking to somebody and just want to punch them. just like slug them in the gut. or punch them in the head. for no reason. i dont know. i think that sometimes during conversations. and its not like i have any thing against them. i just think it would be so awesome. i dont know why. its not up to me to think that. it just pops into my brain. and it makes me laugh. but it also kind of bums me out. mainly because it seems like such fun. but i think society might frown upon such an action as hitting a normal lady. or a child. or an old dude. or old chick. and just knowing that makes me sad. i would lose my job most likely. and probably have to go to court wouldnt you think. i mean. i just punched someone. for no reason. other than to hit them. and see the reaction. i mean how many people could say theyve seen that reaction before. imagine like an old lady being punched in the stomach. could you imagine that reaction. priceless im sure.

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